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Osteoporosis has numbers of medications and drugs existed in health medicine today, but because of other side effects of these medications, other patients resorted to different alternative including the natural means. One of these natural products is HSOs, better known as Homeostatic Soil Organisms. These are good bacteria that protect immune system and provide nutritional properties to body and bone tissues.

Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSOs) are organisms from soil and touted as excellent sources of probiotics. HSOs help propagate microorganisms the body’s strong defense against bad bacteria that may contribute to poor health conditions and diseases. These immune system components are involved in the production of important body nutrients such as Vitamin K and B complex, it also boosted a good amount of trace minerals such as Calcium, Manganese and Zinc. HSOs products such as yogurt and food supplements with probiotics can help maximize the benefits of a healthy diet, aid the proper digestion and promote a strong immune system. This is now advocated by alternative science to be integrated in daily meals to help prevent osteoporosis because it has good amount of minerals useful as bone-building nutrients.

Our digestive system contains various kinds of bacteria both good and bad the role of probiotic is to promote good bacteria like lactobacillus for proper digestion and help flush out deadly toxic that may cause waste build-up and toxin. These activities of HSOs in the body help facilitate the proper absorption of certain minerals necessary for bone structure and longevity.

There are food supplements in the market today promoting HSOs like lactobacillus acidophilus for optimum health benefits. It has different varieties such as capsules, tablets and drinks. It serves as a good cleansing agent for the stomach and the intestine while promoting healthy bones and teeth. It is now widely understood that homeostatic soil organisms play a crucial role in the proper functioning of the immune system and other important organs, it provide micronutrients of proteins, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes.

While there’s no direct scientific evidence linking Homeostatic Soil Organisms supplementation (HSOs) for the prevention of osteoporosis, it is believed to be very helpful in banking more bone mass and strengthen its powerful defense against certain bone disorders. As one ages, bone density significantly decline due to the absence of estrogen hormones in menopause women, including other factors affecting bone structures for men.  Probiotics offer another health alternative to boost bone cells and help fight bad bacteria that contributed to weakening of the bone tissues.

Medical practitioners did not directly associate the advantages of patronizing HSOs for bone structures but incorporating it to daily diet is not harmful either, in fact it has more nutritional value than just eating foods found in fancy restaurants. Yogurt, Lactobacillus supplements and other form of probiotics strengthen the muscles and immune system for a healthier body. It further helps the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals necessary for body functioning. A more revitalized body system provides an efficient capacity to regulate bone cells and increase its absorption capacity from important nutrients.

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