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A six pack sure turn heads and makes peers and foes alike envious. It is the ultimate goal not only for men but also for women as a pretty set of toned abs look amazing on women too. Achieving this goal is not easy, actually, it is such a tough task for just about anyone but it is very much possible. Be advised that getting a six-pack will take time, hence the reason why many people give up before achieving the desired results. However, with a little determination, you will get there and it will be worth it. Here are the top rated tips that you should follow and watch to get lean enough for a six pack to be visible.

Make a Diet Plan

With your calorie intake on the check, your next course of action should be to make a diet plan. Without a diet plan, you will have nothing to work from hence you will end up jeopardizing your efforts. Again, there are charts and tables available on the internet that will give you a rough estimate of the number of calories on common foods. Formulate a meal plan for each day of the week and make sure you stick to it and it remains within your calorie budget.

Keep an eye on your caloric intake

Needless to mention, when you take more calories than you expend and more than your body requires you will end up gaining weight as the calories will be stored as fat. Gaining weight is the complete opposite of your target of a six pack. As such, your first course of action should be to work out the number of calories you require. Thanks to the internet, you can use a calorie calculator which will measure your weight, height, gender, and current activity level to formulate your daily calorie needs.

Look for inspiration

If your main goal is to lose weight and revert back to the shape that you once were, put pictures of you around the house. If you are looking up to get a six pack and be like someone you know, perhaps a celebrity, get your favorite photos of them and paste them around your house. Places you frequent most — this will help keep you motivated especially when the going gets tough and you feel like just throwing in the towel.

Stick to your goals

By now you should have envisioned a workout plan, therefore giving you an easy option of only having to stick to the plan already in the mind. Exercise around 4 times each week for one hour each day. While you might be tempted to channel most of your workouts on the core, this is not really necessary. Your main focus should be to shed off some of the fat around the core. Chances are quite high you already have a well developed set of abs, and all you need to do is shed some little fat so that you can reveal them.

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