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Reshape Your Body

There are five good ways for you to reshape your body and lose fat and gain muscle. Everybody wants that ripped look, and they want it with as little effort as possible. So all that’s included to accomplish this, is diet, training, and a few other things. Here’s number one:

Your Fat Intake – When you eat fats, stay away from the saturated fats. These are unhealthy fats and also stay away from foods high in sugar. This means excluding things from your diet like cake and ice cream, burgers, fizzy type drinks, fries, and things similar to those foods. Replace these things with healthy fats, which means things like fish, nuts, avocados, and seeds.

Burn Fat Quicker

These types of fats will keep the body operating smoothly and will actually help your body metabolize and burn fat quicker. But if you throw down a load of bad fats, then you just add to the stockpile you’re trying to get rid of, and you won’t see any results.

The Carb Intake – As far as your carb intake is concerned, it should be in moderation. If you happen to be on a muscle-building diet, you’d be piling up the carbs. But you can’t forget that you’re trying to lose fat too. Have yourself a high carb breakfast, then just a moderate carb lunch, and then taper off even more with a low carb evening meal.

Remember the Rules

Try to stick to the carbs that digest slower that the fast digesting ones. Fast carbs will cause your insulin to spike, and this in turn causes the body to store fat. That’s totally against what we’re trying to do. Remember this rule – anything brown is good. Brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta, sweet potatoes, and other brown foods. This extra fiber will help to slow down the digestion and will stop the insulin from spiking. And it keeps you feeling fuller for a longer period of time.

Protein Intake – If you want to build up your muscles, then you need to eat a lot of protein. You should eat more than usual, and every now and then even have a protein shake. Try to set your intake goal at about 1 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight. Some good sources for getting this protein is fish, eggs, beef, turkey, and chicken. These contain ‘lean’ protein.

Train on a Regular Basis – Train at least two to three days a week. Split your body into different muscle groups that you focus on when you train. This will keep you focused on that group for that day, and you’ll give it the proper attention. If you were to put in a full-body workout, then it would have to be light enough for you to be ready again a couple of days later.

Stay focused

Here’s a good tip for you. Learn from someone who already knows all about it. They’ve done it, made it work, and gotten the kind of results that you yourself are looking for. This takes a lot of guesswork out of it for you, and you can stay focused on doing it, rather than are you doing it right.

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