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How long and how often should I do Cardio Fitness training?

Each person must individually determine the frequency of your cardio workouts depending upon your fitness profile. Cardio workouts will gradually intensify as you achieve your goals.

At what intensity should I Cardio Fitness Train?

This depends upon your fitness level. Use the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) to determine the correct intensity of your cardio workout. RPE has a scale of 1-10 where 1 is at rest and 10 as hard as you can possibly work. Monitor yourself throughout your workout to ensure that you stay within the correct training zone. There are four broad training zones to consider. One should be right for you:

  • Moderate Zone: RPE 5-6 (approx 50% of maximum heart rate). This is for those new to exercise and represents a first step for the inactive.
  • Weight Management Zone: RPE 6-7 (approx 60-70% of maximum heart rate). Often referred to as the fat-burning zone. Intensity moderate enough so that you can train for long periods so ideal as a progression for a beginner or for those training for distance events.
  • Aerobic Zone: RPE 7-8 (70-80% of maximum heart rate) For active and trained individuals this assists in providing an endurance base for more intensive exercise and improvement of cardiovascular fitness.
  • Peak Performance Zone: RPE 8-9 ( 80 – 90% of maximum heart rate) Only for the very well trained. Helps increase speed and pace and lift the anaerobic threshold. Helps increase speed and pace and lift the anaerobic threshold

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