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Sarcopenia (taken from the Greek word meaning “poverty of flesh”) is a medical terminology referring to the loss of muscle, strength and function related to old age. This disease is correlated with aging as the neuromuscular system declined its strong function as one ages because of biochemical changes. There is some reasonable evidence on some research studies conducted that losing large amount of lean mass can lead to death. According to a health bulletin, sarcopenia is not a product of a disease but a degenerative decline of important skeletal muscles.

However, the clinical prognosis of sarcopenia is difficult to diagnose because of the lack of generally accepted test how to properly diagnose it giving the fact that body cell mass and muscle mass has no specific level or measurement. But this particular disorder is evitable as one ages; elders losses their strength fast than young ones because of the decrease of the muscles when reaching the ripe age. Their capacity to function on major tasks related to daily activities significantly decline as important body cells failed to respond to the demand of the weight force.

Lack of exercise is one primary factor attributed to sarcopenia, physically inactive individual during their youth has greater chances of having this degenerative disorder. Inadequate protein intake, calcium and calories are among the suspected culprit of sarcopenia. There is considerable evidence that exposing to morning sunshine is beneficial to one’s health, true enough, because sunshine exposure before 10:00 am provided the body with good amount of vitamin D, a bone vitamin. This is prevalent in the present society where people forget to give enough time for physical activities and failed to guard their health due to other endeavors nikotinoff pareri. Hormonal considerations are being looked at to as other causes of sarcopenia, anabolic hormones like growth, DHEA and testosterone contributed to the decrease of muscle strength.

Sarcopenia may develop to a more alarming situation where people may lose their ability to live independently, as normal activities are hard to tackle with weaker muscles and may lead to permanent disability and even death. Furthermore, scientific researchers are treating sarcopenia as a muscular analog to osteoporosis; this fatal combination can be severely painful and distressing to elders because of their inability to move freely. Muscle and bone strength losses when reaching the prime age, people’s bone mass and muscle’s capacity may vary their declining period depends upon how physically active they are during their youth, though physically active is not always a guarantee of a longer life. Good exercise can be very beneficial to ones health; in fact sarcopenia and osteoporosis can be alleviated through an application of a certain exercise program that allows the muscle and bone to regain and retain its mass and strength.

The exercise program is also good for the cardiovascular system to maintain a healthy heart and proper blood circulation. The rapid changes in the society where people resorted quickly to the goodness of technology, instead of climbing stairs lift and elevator are available. Instant foods are more famous than natural and healthy foods. These changes in lifestyle are evidently contributed to critical illnesses, but it is not too late to take a major turn for a healthier body system, exercise, and adequate intakes of food rich in vitamins and minerals can still make dramatic changes and avoid illnesses like osteoporosis and lessen the possibility of having sarcopenia.

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